A Short History of Indonesia

Judul                : A Short History of Indonesia
Penulis             : Colin Brown
Penerbit          : Alen & Unwin
Tahun Terbit  : 2003
Halaman          : 289
ISBN                : 1 86508 838 2
Harga               : Rp. 86.700,

About this book:
This succinct work of history charts the growth of Indonesia, a remarkable nation of more than 6,000 inhabited islands. With lucid originality, the text incorporates more than 2 million years of history with depth and brevity-particularly focusing on Indonesia’s development into a microcosm of a multi-ethnic modern world. Many current concerns are perceptively addressed, such as the legacy of European-Asian trade, Dutch colonialism, and the emergence of what has become the largest Muslim population in the world.

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