A Short History of Indonesia

Judul                : A Short History of Indonesia
Penulis             : Colin Brown
Penerbit          : Alen & Unwin
Tahun Terbit  : 2003
Halaman          : 289
ISBN                : 1 86508 838 2
Harga               : Rp. 86.700,

About this book:
This succinct work of history charts the growth of Indonesia, a remarkable nation of more than 6,000 inhabited islands. With lucid originality, the text incorporates more than 2 million years of history with depth and brevity-particularly focusing on Indonesia’s development into a microcosm of a multi-ethnic modern world. Many current concerns are perceptively addressed, such as the legacy of European-Asian trade, Dutch colonialism, and the emergence of what has become the largest Muslim population in the world.

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A History of Christianity in Indonesia

Judul                : A History of Christianity in Indonesia
Penulis             : Jan Sihar Aritonang and Karel Steenbrink (ed)
Penerbit          : Brill
Tahun Terbit  : 2008
Halaman          : 1021
ISBN                : 978-90-04-17026-1
Harga               : Rp. 255.250,-

Isi Buku

Chapter One Christianity in Pre-Colonial Indonesia
Chapter Two 1530–1670: A Race between Islam and Christianity? Chapter Three Catholic Converts in the Moluccas, Minahasa and Sangihe-Talaud, 1512–1680
Chapter Four Th e Solor-Timor Mission of the Dominicans 1562–1800
Chapter Five The Arrival of Protestantism and the Consolidation of Christianity in the Moluccas 1605–1800

Chapter Six 1800–2005: a National Overview
Chapter Seven Old and New Christianity in the Southeastern Islands
Chapter Eight Christianity in Papua
Chapter Nine Moluccan Christianity in the 19th and 20th century between Agama Ambon and Islam
Chapter Ten How Christianity obtained a central position in Minahasa culture and society
Chapter Eleven Christianity in Central and Southern Sulawesi
Chapter Twelve Kalimantan or Indonesian Borneo
Chapter Th irteen Th e sharp contrasts of Sumatra
Chapter Fourteen Christianity in Javanese culture and society
Chapter Fift een A small Christian fl ock in Bali

Chapter Sixteen Th eological thinking by Indonesian Christians, 1850–2000
Chapter Seventeen Th e Ecumenical Movement in Indonesia with special attention to the National Council of Churches
Chapter Eighteen Th e spectacular growth of the third stream: Th e Evangelicals and Pentecostals
Chapter Nineteen Chinese Christian communities in Indonesia
Chapter Twenty Christian Art in Indonesia
Chapter Twenty-One Christian Media

General Bibliography

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Indonesian Politics Under Suharto

Judul                : Indonesian Politics Under Suharto
Penulis             : Michael Vatikiotis
Penerbit          : Routledge London and New York
Tahun Terbit  : 1998
Halaman          : 269
ISBN                : 0-415-20502-6
Harga               : Rp. 80.700,

President Suharto had been in power for more than thirty years before his downfall in 1998. The regime that swept to power, in the wake of the military putsch of 1965 brought stability and economic prosperity to Indonesia for many years. However, financial weakness and corruption were exposed as the Asian economic crisis developed and Suharto’s position became untenable.

This newly revised third edition provides an informed and balanced
analysis of Suharto’s New Order from its inception to the emergence of B.J.Habibie as President. The author reassesses the New Order’s origins and its military roots, and evaluates the considerable economic changes that have taken place since the 1960s. He examines Suharto’s politics and, in a new chapter, the reasons behind the crisis and Suharto’s fall.

Suharto may have gone, but the New Order regime is still in place. Michael Vatikiotis provides the reader with a highly accessible yet authoritative account of Indonesia’s recent political history. His book is an invaluable guide to understanding the background to change and the crisis itself.

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The Encyclopaedia of Islam

The Encyclopaedia of Islam
Penerbit   : Brill
Tahun       : 1986
Terdiri dari 13 Jilid
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 1 A-B 1423 halaman (Rp. 355.750)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 2 C-G 1197 halaman (Rp. 299.250)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 3 H – Iram 1304 halaman (Rp. 326.000)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 4 Iran – Kha 1049 halaman (Rp. 262.250)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 5 Khe – Mahi 1333 halaman (Rp. 333.250)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 6 Mahka – Mid 1071 halaman (Rp. 267.270)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 7 Mif – Naz 1113 halaman (Rp. 278.250)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 8 Ned – Sam 1136 halaman (Rp. 284.000)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 9 Sam – Sze 946 halaman (Rp. 236.500)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 10 T – U 1024 halaman (Rp. 256.000)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 11 W – Z 604 halaman (Rp. 151.000)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 12 Suplement 921 halaman (Rp. 230.250)
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Vol 13 Index 587 halaman (Rp. 146.750)

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Dalih Pembunuhan Masal

Judul                : Dalih Pembunuhan Masal Gerakan 30/S dan Kudeta Soeharto
Penulis             : John Roosa
Penerbit          : Hasta Mitra
Tahun Terbit  : 2008
Halaman          : 420
ISBN                : 978-979-17579-0-4
Harga               : Rp. 126.000,

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Islam and Social Policy

Judul                : Islam and Social Policy
Penulis             : Sthepen P. Heyneman (ed)
Penerbit          : Vanderbilt University Press
Tahun Terbit  : 2004
Halaman          : 219
ISBN                : 0-8265-1447-2
Harga               : Rp. 87.600,

Buku ini berisi berupa kumpulan lima tulisan yang terkait dengan institusi sosial yang ada dalam Islam. Secara spesifik buku ini berisi: The Islamic Institution of Waqf: A Historical Overview (Ahmad Dallal);  Islamic Law and the Position of Women (Donna Lee Bowen); Islamic Law and Family Planning (Donna Lee Bowen); Islamic Law and Zakat: Waqf Resources in Pakistan (Gail Richardson); dan Islam and Health Policy: A Study of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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